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December 2, 2022

New Harold Helland

Director, Harold Helland, Director@CajonDivision.org, 847 302-1577

I received my first Lionel train at the age of five and I still run my Lionel every Christmas with a steam engine and a selection of cars under the Christmas tree. By high school I discovered that there were more options for buildings with HO and switched to modeling in HO. After I married Joyce, I started building Campbell structure kits and Athearn “Blue Box” freight car kits in our apartment. Since then, I have had six different model railroads. My largest model railroad was a 25 ft by 30 ft model railroad in my basement in Hawthorn Woods, a suburb of Chicago. At that time, I joined the NMRA and started working on my MMR after several members talked me into working through the Achievement Program. Although it has been 11 years since I started, I still hope to achieve that goal. I am a member of the Union Pacific Historical Society and have been President of the North County Model Railroad Society in Oceanside for seven years. I thoroughly enjoy our state-of-the-art HO operation that includes trains running by cell phone and turnouts operating from touch pads.

  Joel Morse

Superintendent, Joel Morse, Superintendent@CajonDivision.org, 714 614-5401

Model railroading has always had an important social aspect to me; when I started out with my Dad as a teenager, the hobby was a way for us to spend quality time together. Since my current layout became operational in November, 2011, the layout and the hobby are a big part of my social life, and have resulted in me meeting an entire community of operators and model railroaders with all kinds of interests. Whether for a work session or an operating session, it’s always more fun with good friends, who are willing to help you reach your goals and laugh with you along the way. Model railroading is all about the journey and your fellow passengers, not the destination.

  Edwin Hall

Assistant Superintendent, NV, RL Jenkins, AssistSuper-NV@CajonDivision.org

RL has been in the hobby since he was 10 years old, although he was out of the hobby for several years, but he really got back into it in 2004. RL models the modern UP in N scale. RL is an Audio Engineer doing concerts and conventions. His interests are focused on the Operations and Electronics aspects of model railroading.

  Dan Moran

Paymaster, Dan Moran, Paymaster@CajonDivision.org

Dan is a relatively new model railroader and NMRA member, working on a small HO layout modeling the AT&SF in Arizona copper-mining country in the mid-1950s. He is also the proud Dad of six-year-old twin girls whom he is trying to turn into new model railroaders.


Chief Clerk, Gary Stenberg, clerk@cajondivision.org

Gary is a retired Fire Department Captain with more than 41 years of service, a husband, a father of four, and a grandfather. He is also a lifelong Model Railroader and a Life Member of the NMRA. He is no stranger to the Cajon Division as he was involved in its founding. As the first editor of the Order Board, he dates back to a time when “Cut and Paste” was literal! Moving on, Gary served as the second Superintendent of the Cajon Division and later as a Cajon Division A/P representative under PCR A/P Chair Eric Bracher, MMR. In more modern history, Gary has served as a judge for the “Celebration of Models” at four National Conventions. He models in HO with an emphasis on Narrow Gauge. Pick him out and say Hi at NMRA events … he’s the one in the brown derby.

  Per Harwe

Membership Chair, Per Harwe, Membership@CajonDivision.org, 714 482-5404

I have been a model railroader since I was 7 years old. Growing up in Sweden, my first train was not Lionel but Märklin (it was that or Fleishmann to pick from and my brother didn’t like Fleishmann). The first layout was a perfect example of “Homasote Central” but it was FUN! That 4x8 sheet lasted for years as a part of two more layouts before I finally retired it. I am now in a modular club and have started to build my own contribution to the club layout. I am currently modeling the area around the Santa Fe depot in Anaheim, CA as it looked in 1950 (my favorite time frame).

  Gary Butts

AP Chair, Gary Butts, MMR, AP@CajonDivision.org, 714 842-4980

Similar to most model railroaders, my interest in model railroading started with a Lionel train set positioned around the family Christmas tree. Dissatisfaction with the unreliability of that first circle of track on the carpet led to my first model railroad layout positioned on a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood featuring a single siding, paint ground covers and a pie tin lake with real water. When I was around 10 or 12 years old I discovered more accurately scaled model trains and received an HO Tyco "General" 4-4-0 engine kit for Christmas. I was hooked! I sold the Lionel layout complete and have been in HO since. Although now on my 4th layout, the size has not changed much and I still model on a layout not much bigger than my first. Fortunately, my wife, Sandy, shares some interest in the hobby and has contributed greatly to my hobby enjoyment as well as becoming a model railroader in her own right. The 2011 National NMRA meet in Sacramento introduced me to the NMRA and the Achievement Program. Hooked again, I pursued the Master Model Railroader title and was awarded MMR #552 in 2015.

  Mike Allee

Contest Chair, Mike Allee, Contest@CajonDivision.org, 626 533-9913

Mike returned to the hobby in 1976 joining Glendale Model Railroad Society and is a life member. He has held all the offices of the club, several more than once. Became a life member of the NMRA. He got actively involved in the PSR at the annual convention held in Las Vegas 2011 by speaking to Mary Barstow, LA Div Superintendent, asking if there is something he could help with. She immediately responded with he can be the Activities Chairman. At a LA division spring meet met several members of the Orange County Modular Railroaders as a result of the meeting joined the club. Mike was elected LA superintendent in 2014 and served two years. During that time he moved to Apple Valley, Cajon Div. and has been active in the Cajon division since. He has been a committee member of several regional conventions and 2013 narrow gauge convention in Pasadena. Presently serving as the division contest chair.

  Morrie Fleishman

Newsletter Editor, Morrie Fleishman, Editor@CajonDivision.org, 949 768-3940

I have been interested in trains since I was 8 starting with an O gauge Marx train and transitioned to HO when I was in college. My current, and 7th, layout was started over 30 years and has evolved into a multi-level garage size layout which I recently converted from DC to DCC. In 2012, I added a G Gauge (F scale) Garden Railroad to my backyard. In addition being a longtime NMRA member, I am the treasurer for the Orange County Module Railroaders and the newsletter editor for the Orange County Garden Railway Society. I have been to six NMRA and one Garden Railway National Conventions and was on the layout tour for the 2008 Anaheim convention. I have attended many Regional and Division conventions, given clinics, and, most recently was the Registrar for the Ontario Manifest Convention. I like running trains, operations, and enjoy putting together buildings. I think the Achievement Program Is challenging and I have earned a Golden Spike award and my Volunteer AP Certificate as part of my pursuit of the MMR. My wife, Roberta shares my interest in Garden Railroading and is a collector of Railroad China and dining car memorabilia. Finally, I like to have fun doing Model Railroading with fellow Model Railroaders.


Social Media Chair, open


  Annette Palmer

Donations Chair, Annette Palmer, Donations@CajonDivision.org, 714 686-6502

I got interested in model railroading when I was in elementary school. My dad was involved in the hobby and I enjoyed watching them run their trains on the layout. I enjoyed camping out with my family at Cajon pass and Tehachapi loop to watch the trains go by and visit with the engineers when they stopped by us to wait for another train. I got back into the hobby about 6 years ago when I joined the Orange County Module Railroaders group. I have helped put our Christmas party together and contacted manufacturers and suppliers for donations for our party. I also helped with the 2017 convention to get items for the hobo auction, and items for the Railettes bingo games. As donation chairperson I hope to get the same results for the NMRA. If you know of any company that gives donations please do not hesitate to contact me at mail address listed above.

  Per Harwe

Webmaster, Per Harwe, Webmaster@CajonDivision.org, 714 482-5404