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Mar 24, 2014


Stolen Brass Engine Collection


Posted: 3/24/2014

From Kirk Treanor - San Diego Division-PSR 3/24/14


Hi, all.  I just got this from a friend in Arizona and want to get this out as widely as possible, in case anyone comes across anyone attempting to sell one or more of 30 HO steam locomotives stolen from a model railroader named Ron Kuykendall of Tucson on March 14th.  Most are brass, and he apparently painted and lettered most, also.

If you find any information, please contact Pima County Sheriff's Deputy Mosely at:
520-351-4600 or 888-477-2328
Reference Report #140317087
Or contact Ron Kuykendall at 520-297-0424, or Rick Wheeler at 520-818-1547
I only have a list by Road Name, Number & Type, but since he custom lettered most of these, a good share may be unique, or at least fairly rare:
List of stolen locomotives Road Name, Number & Type
Erie 4003 2-10-2
Erie 4216 2-10-2
Erie 2938 4-6-2
GTW 3171 2-8-2
UP 1242 4-6-0
UP 836 4-8-4
NP 15 4-8-0
NP 19 2-8-0
NP 2246 4-6-2
NP 2626 4-8-4
GN 1244 2-8-0
GN 1366 4-6-2
GN 1379 4-6-2
CB&Q 4960 2-8-2
CB&Q 6300 2-10-2
CB&Q 5634 4-8-4
CB&Q 2945 4-6-2
CB&Q 7006 4-8-2
CB&Q 5601 4-8-4
PRR 9943 2-8-0
PRR 7646 2-10-2
MP 1153 4-6-2
MILW 90 2-6-6-2
MILW 346 2-8-2
SOO 5003 4-8-4
C&O 4001 2-10-2
C&O 481 4-6-2
C&O 2738 2-8-4
C&O 1028 2-8-0
C&O 1413 2-6-6-2

Orange County O Scalers logo


Posted: 3/24/2014

Orange County O Scalers. Courtesy of John Bishop…

Our module O scale group now has a web site. Come have a look-see.

Orange County O Scalers:

The “Orange County O Scalers”, is a modular two-rail O Scale model RR Club that participates in four to six shows each year, including the O Scale West Train Show held each year in Santa Clara. At one time or another the club has operated at every major model railroad event regularly held in Southern California. The club modules operate exclusively with DCC (NCE boosters), including the option of wireless control, and the system is maintained to state-of-the art through regular improvements and updates. Another important current project is the construction of new modules to high standards.

Although thoroughly up-to-date with its emphasis on use of modern technology for operations, the club has a long and interesting history, and it is appropriate here to pay tribute to its founders.

The club was originally formed during 1976-77 as the brain child of Harry Whitmill. Harry, by himself, prepared and published the original specifications for his club. He named it the “So Cal O Scale Light Railers”. “Light Railers” because he elected to use code .100 size rail, a size commonly used in HO scale, although accurate for branch and some secondary main lines. (Our newer modules, though, employ heavier rail, code .125 rail size.) Harry was a highly skilled modeler having honed his model railroading skills throughout his life starting in his childhood. Harry scratch built equipment including locomotives and rolling stock in N Scale, TT Scale, and O Scale. Scratch Building and Kit Bashing became the trade mark of his hobby of model railroading

After completing the Club module constructing specifications, Harry set about building a set of four, four-foot, modules and began recruiting club members. In 1974, Harry had been one of the original founding members of the Orange County “N”gineers, a N Scale modular model railroad club. Harry knew that two other founding members of this club had earlier in their lives been two-rail O scale model railroaders. Harry was successful in his recruiting efforts. He persuaded Bill Darling and Tommy Thomas to join with him and build their own straight and corner modules. However, three corners, doesn’t make a layout; a fourth member was needed. Bill and Harry knew of other two-rail O scalers in Orange County and persuaded one of them, Eric Kaminsky, to join. The fledging O Scale model railroad club idea thus became a reality!

It is pleasant to note that although our founder, Harry Whitmill is no longer with us (he passed away in early 1991), his original four modules outlive him. Now under the stewardship of member Terry Thomas, they are still used at most every show.

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