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September 4, 2023


Welcome to the Cajon Division’s website. You can look at this site as a starting point for your journey into the wonderful world of model railroading. While we may not have all the answers here, we have links to many other places where you can find incredible information about our hobby.

The Cajon Division is one of four divisions the Pacific Southwest Region of the National Model Railroad Association covering Southern California. We have been serving modelers and the general public in Southern California for over 40 years. By means of meetings, train shows and special events, our quarterly newsletter, The Order Board, and this web site , we seek to promote the hobby to the public, provide assistance to our members, and support educational opportunities involving modeling and railroading in general. We do this by our own meetings but also through the wonderful resource that must not be forgotten, namely the 100% NMRA Model Railroad Clubs in our area.

We have members who model all scales and gauges, and we welcome new members, especially newcomers to the hobby. There is always plenty to do and learn, so come and join the fun. Any member in good standing of the National Model Railroad Association, residing within the Cajon Division counties is automatically a member of the Cajon Division. If you are not a member of the NMRA, please consider joining us. It is our goal to not only serve the NMRA members within our area, but also introduce new members to the great hobby of Model Railroading and to the NMRA. From time to time I am asked “Why should I join the NMRA? What’s in it for me?” By joining you get access to a wealth of information, both printed and personal. NMRA has an achievement program which is an excellent way to improve your modeling skills. The ultimate goal of the Achievement Program is to qualify for the Master Model Railroader (MMR) Certificate and Title. Right now we have three MMR 's in the Cajon Division and would like to see more. The modelers who have achieved the MMR title and all those that are well on their way towards it, are more than happy to share their knowledge with anyone who asks.

The Cajon Division holds four formal meets per year, two in California and two in Nevada. The California meets are our spring meet, which currently doesn't have a fixed location, and our fall meet in Buena Park, CA. Both Nevada meets are held in Boulder City, NV; one in the late spring and one in the fall. All four meets feature a full schedule of clinics, NMRA and Popular Vote Contests for models along with a luncheon or banquet. A very popular event during the banquet is our auction where we have a treasure trove of model railroad related items up for grabs. Please visit our Events page for the locations and dates of our upcoming meets.

Welcome to the Cajon Division!

Harold Helland

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